Photo Restoration

Restore the beauty of your old, faded, damaged photographs to preserve them and their memories. Give your special photographs new life by having them digitized, restored, and reprinted. Whether it's color correction, photo repair, object removal, or something else, we're ready to give your treasured photos their long-deserved makeover.

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The original photo from 1973 was faded and lacking in detail. In addition to colorization, the photo detail was enhanced. This is particularly noticeable in the face. This kind of detail enhancement typically works best with photos originally printed on glossy paper, but can often be applied to matte photos as well.

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Based in Milford, NH since 2013, David Vogt Digital Media brings 15 years of digital imaging experience and a trusted name in the community to provide expert handling of your precious photographs.


The original photograph had faded over the years, and mold started to form on the surface. The new image has no mold stains, the color and tone have been restored, and detail in the face and dress was brought back.

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The original photo had several cracks and tears in the paper. After restoration, all damage is repaired and the image was upscaled and image detail enhanced.


    Restoration and repair of photographs or other images

      Repair of ripped, cracked, folded, mold- or water-damaged photos

      Enlarging small photos to a bigger size while preserving and in many cases enhancing detail

      Re-printing and enlargement with archival-grade paper and inks

      Color correction and repair of fading

      General photo enhancements


          Pricing varies depending on the complexity of the restoration. On average, a restoration costs about $35 per photo and includes a high resolution download. Additional charges may apply for major repairs and reconstructions. If you have a lot of photos, a discounted rate may be offered. Tell us about your project and we can give you a free quote!

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